Kitchen Sink Varieties to Decor Your Kitchen

Every house is backed up by a kitchen. In the background you may have an unpretentious thing may add humiliation or admiration to your niche. This common thing is the kitchen faucet and sinks which is integral to every kitchen. With Bath Decor, you have high tech options to choose from. We sustain the most pleasing and extraordinary styles that can be lodged for every interior type. Here are some of the types of kitchen sink you could shop from.

The farmhouse sink

  1. 1. The farmhouse sink
The farmhouse sink has derived its name from the rustic style farmhouse kitchen that has its large dimensions that exceed the limit of your counter. This sink can be coupled with pull down or pull up kitchen faucet that is attached to a spray wand that curves directly towards the sink. They are having incredible non-porous material designed for its durability.

Black Granite Composite

  1. 2. Granite composite kitchen sink
This type of kitchen sink is a result of crushed granite that is attached using a filter made of resin. They are heavier at the same time elegant to compliment your kitchen background. It is in recent trend and installing this may provide you with cutting-edge aesthetic appearance and durability. Another feature of granite is it is resistant to stain and also have a sound absorbance which may cause while washing dishes.

island kitchen sink

  1. 3. Island Kitchen sink
It is a type of sink that has gained popularity is recently in demand. There are two divisions to this sink; one being the primary sink and the main sink. They glorify the look of the kitchen with a granite textured background and complement your endless work requirements. You can accessorize the sink with the commercial style kitchen faucet that contains a long flexible arm that may be supplemented with multiple taps.  

Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

  1. 4. Cast iron kitchen sink
These kitchens sink come in luxurious patterns that have a coat of porcelain making it glossy and white to camouflage with their vintage kitchen. They are durable with proper care as their upper skin may wear down. The cast iron sink does not need harsh and rough cleaning procedure. A dual handle faucet that levers for cool or warm water can add elegance to your sink. We also have the motion sensor based taps that best goes for this type of sinks.  

fireclay kitchen sinks

  1. 5. Fireclay kitchen sink
As the name suggests they are manufactured from clay and are resistant to temperature extremities. They don’t chip due to abrasion as they undergo a vast fabrication procedure.  

bar sink

  1. 6. Bar Sink
They are shallower and have small dimensions that can be accommodated easily in small areas. They are easy to maintain and clean. These are not suitable for dish cleaning process.  

Staged up the kitchen sink

  1. 7. Staged up the kitchen sink
We also have a drop down kitchen sink that is versatile as they have the counters extra support and can accommodate any weight type. Knowing all the available options and features that we reap, it is convenient for you to adorn your cooking place with the latest sink and faucets.  

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